Thursday, September 20, 2007

How To Move On From a Breakup...

Picture the day when you’ll be happy again
Life can seem like a pretty bleak place when you’ve just weathered a break up. But keep
in mind, the relationship with your ex is over for a reason: you weren’t right for each other.
That means the one absolutely perfect for you is still out there. Picture the right person for
you and the kind of relationship you want out of life. Remember, you deserve to be happy.
Know when it’s time to date again
When you’ve given yourself enough time to work through your emotions, then you can
begin to date again. The amount of time needed for this varies with the people
involved and the specifics of the relationship. Gage emotions about your ex honestly, and if
you’re not overcome at the very thought of them, work on meeting new people. Aim
for a state of indifference. In other words, it’s okay to get a slight twinge upon seeing your
ex; it’s not okay to suddenly want to throw a plate at their head.
Begin to date again, slowly but surely
When you first start dating again, do it with a pace slow enough to meet a
variety of people. Go easy on the people you date at first, don’t expect them to be your ex,
or the “better” version of your ex. Remember, everyone is unique. If they’re the
right one, you’ll know it in time. But allow yourself the perspective to find out. In the meantime,
enjoy the new person in your life for whom they are, and have fun just being with them.
Take care of yourself
Eat right. Exercise. Hang out with friends. Get enough sleep. In short, don’t let
the break up make you physically sick. When your body is healthy, you feel good. When you
feel good, you make good decisions and have a healthy self-esteem.